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is closed for now

Friday, March 13, 2020 - Dear runners, dear Nordic walkers, due to the current unclear situation with COVID-19, we decided to close the registration for the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run on May 17, 2020. We will inform you about the further development on all our channels and ask you for your patience! Thank you for understanding!

Important information about our events

We keep you updated

Dear runner,
dear nordic walker,

due to official orders of the Austrian government released on March 10 and 11, 2020, outdoor events with over 500 participants are prohibited until April 3, 2020. The population is encouraged to take responsibility and to reduce social contacts as much as possible.

Because of this situation we have to inform you about the following:



Our FRAUEN FUN RUN was planned for April 1, 2020 but cannot take place because of the official prohibition of big events by the Austrian government. 

The participants who already registered will be contacted personally. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience!



We are still working on the 33rd ASICS Austrian Women's Run on May 17, 2020 as planned and we hope that the situation calms down until then. We will keep you updated on our channels!

Registration is closed for now

Frau, Laufen, Frauenlauf, Freude

Registration for the 33. ASICS Austrian Women's Run

Your only limit is you: register now and show us what you’ve got! You can choose between 5k running, 10k running or 5k Nordic Walking. Which challenge will you rise up to?

Unfortunately, the registration is closed at the moment!

Pre-registration & late registration

Pre-registration deadline:
as soon as the maximum number of participants has been reached, but April 22, 2020 at the latest. If you want to be part of the ASICS Austrian Women's Run® register soon to ensure your spot in the field. Last year the race reached the capacity limit within one month.

Late registrations:
On May 16, 2020 from 9.30 am until 7 pm if race tickets are still available.

Confirmation of Registration & Program Booklet

All participants who have pre-registered by April 22, 2020, will receive via e-mail (when registering please make sure to provide the current e-mail address!) prior to the event a registration confirmation and a program booklet!

When picking up your race number, please present the registration confirmation and a form of ID.

After you complete registration, please use the online query to verify, that your application has been successful.

Online-Query - Am I registered?

Am I registered

Hotel Retter

One in every 1000 registration wins!

Double joy! If you register online for the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® you will be part of a unique running event AND you have the chance to win.
One in every 1000 ONLINE registrations will receive a voucher for 2 overnight stays in the RETTER Hotel Bio Restaurant in Pöllauberg, Austria, for 1 person including an extensive BIO-Vitality breakfast buffet and relaxation in the exclusive 1200 sqm wellness area “Bewusst Sein”.

How the registration process works

drei glückliche Läuferinnen im Ziel

The online-registration for the 33. ASICS Austrian Women's Run is open! Register now and show us what you've got. This is what you will need for the registration process:

1. If you have participated before: your reference number (see our mail in February! Attention: this is NOT your social security number!).

2. Time measurement: you own your own Champion or Pentek chip (timekeeping chip)? Please do not forget to indicate the chip number. If you don’t have your own chip, a rental chip will automatically be registered in

3. Team competition & team name: you run with friends or colleagues? Please indicate the team name within your registration (pay attention to the same spelling). Do you exercise at one of our training locations? Select this location.

4. For fast runners who wat to run 5k in max. 29 minutes and 10k in max. 55 minutes: a link to your best performance in the last year.

5. Your credit card or your bank account number for payment.

Entry fee


Year of birth 2002
and older

Year of birth 2003
and younger

until March 15, 2020

€ 41,-

€ 28,-

until April 05, 2020

€ 45,-

€ 32,-

until April 22, 2020

€ 49,-

€ 36,-


Any subsequent changes to your personal data are possible only until April 22, 2020.
Late entry fee: +EUR 5,– additional to the highest entry fee.

The entry fee includes the ASICS Women's Run T-shirt (in tapered ladies style), a € 41 value, finish medal, drinks along the course and at the finish line, the festival and warm-up program, a goody bag with many products and vouchers from our sponsors and partners, a rose at the finish as well as 20% VAT.

Thanks to our sponsors, it is possible to keep the entry fee to a minimum, as the total costs per runner are nearly twice as high.

Frauenlauf Medaillen 2019

What you'll get:

  • original ASICS Austrian Women's Run-shirt in a unique design (functional shirt for women in a sporty fitted cut made of recycled polyester)
  • Women's Run-starter bag (cotton) filled with many goodies of our partners and sponsors  
  • Women's Run medal
  • beverages along the course and iat the finish line
  • Fairtrade rose at the finish line
  • two-day program at the Women's Run fairground 
  • Warm Up
Läuferinnen im Ziel mit Rose und Medaille


1. By credit card (Visa, Master-/Eurocard, Diners Club)
2. By SEPA direct debit (only with an Austrian account)

Make sure to provide full details of the card holder.


  • If for any reason you are unable to participate, withdrawal from registration is not possible.
  • A refund of the registration fee is only granted if the option for a reversal-insurance including its terms and conditions was chosen and paid for during the online registration process.
  • The costs of unauthorized charge backs (bank charges and processing fee) will be charged by the organizer. 
  • Duplicate registrations will be charged twice. Note: For any subsequent changes to your personal data which can be made until April 22, 2020.


Team competition

Ranking and Distance

Friends 5k (including NW) and 10k
Families 5k (including NW) and 10k
Companies 5k (including NW) and 10k
Teachers 5k and 10k
Students 5k

How to form a team:

A team comprises at least 5, in the family competition at least 3 women or girls, who are registered for the same distance and appear on the results list. Explanation: The 5 or 3 individual times, respectively, are added to give the total time of the team.

An example: A team has registered 11 women, which means there are two teams in the competition. The 5 fastest women are included in the first team, the other 5 are included in the second team. The eleventh place finisher is ranked individually.

PLEASE NOTE: Please pay attention to the exact same spelling of team name!


Family Competition

In addition to our friends and company competition we offer also a family competition! Run or walk with your daughter, mother, sister, grandmother, niece, cousin or aunt in a three women team motivating each other!

The three results are added to give the total time of the team! Simply specify at registration a joint team or family name under family competition and you are part of this competition! Please note that all must be registered for the same run! Of course, each participant will also be ranked individually!

Individual competition

All participants will automatically be ranked individually!


Age group Year of birth Age group Year of birth
W 9 2011 and after W 40 1976 - 1980
W 11 2009 - 2010 W 45 1971 - 1975
W 13 2007 - 2008 W 50 1966 - 1970
W 15 2005 - 2006 W 55 1961 - 1965
W 17 2003 - 2002 W 60 1956 - 1960
W 19 2001 - 2002 W 65 1951 - 1955
W 20 1996 - 2000 W 70 1946 - 1950
W 25 1991 - 1995 W 75 1941 - 1945
W 30 1986 - 1990 W 80 1936 -1940
W 35 1981 - 1985 W 85 1935 and before

During the largest Austrian award ceremony, the first three finishers in each age group will receive a prize.

In the Nordic Walking Event, there are no age groups!

Mädchen, Laufen, Sprühregen

School competition

Special package for students and teachers! Last year 4.686 students and teachers from 142 schools participated.

For organizational reasons, participation in the school competition is only offered for the 5k run. The teacher competition is offered for the 5k and 10k runs, respectively.

Further details are available in the women´s race office: 

Competition for the visually impaired and deaf

Since many years a competition for the visually impaired an deaf is offered. Together with the City of Vienna - under the slogan ‘Vienna - a city in motion' - we want to enable people with disabilities to participate in the ASICS Austrian Women's Run®. Further details are available in the women´s race office.

Elite Competition

For the 5k elite competition, the organizer invites national and international elite athletes. In addition to the general conditions of participation also the ‘Competition Rules for the Elite Run.' apply.

Timekeeping & Chip

Your chip for your timekeeping

A chip is needed for the timekeeping at the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run®.

If you have your own Champion Chip, then simply enter your Champion Chip’s number during the online registration.

If you don’t have your own Chip, then a rental chip will automatically be registered during the online registration. The Pentek Timing GmbH rental fee is EUR 4,– and will be automatically booked, together with the entry fee, during the registration.

Your advantages:

  • The rental chip is enclosed with the starting documents
  • Both the chip distribution time and the chip deposit are dispensed with
  • The chip return takes place in the finishing area where the rental chips can simply be thrown into the return boxes
  • Thus no time is lost waiting to return the chips


PLEASE NOTE: No time measurement without a chip! Without a time measurement, it is not possible to compete! Time keeper: PENTEK timing GmbH