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Startbild ASICS Österreichischer Frauenlauf 2021

ASICS Austrian Women's Run®

We are back - and stronger than ever!

Wherever you ran - that was YOUR day, that was OUR day! After the Covid-related break in 2020, the 33rd ASICS Austrian Women's Run on 3rd October 2021 showed a very strong sign for the joy of movement and for female running, thanks to you and a total of 15,542 women and girls! Thank you for being there! Click here for our report!

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Seminar Österreichischer Frauenlauf

We run to move

Running gets you further – no matter in which part of your life. But it doesn’t have to be about performance all the time, it is about more than that. Get inspired and set a goal in order to achieve it! “The future is female” – and the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® is a part of this future. So, run with us!

Startbild ASICS Österreichischer Frauenlauf 2021
Frauenlauftraining ASICS Österreichischer Frauenlauf

Women's running training

Women's running workouts are the ideal introduction to running for beginners and advanced runners. Find a training location in Austria or Bratislava and sign up for free.

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Save the date - 22.05.2022

34th ASICS Austrian Women's Run®


33rd ASICS Austrian Women's Run 2021

2nd & 3rd October 2021

We are still overwhelmed by the emotions of the weekend! The smiling faces of the participants, the happy visitors and all the happy faces of the virtual participants. Let's review the highlights of the 33rd ASICS Austrian Women's Run together.

"Running always gives me back more energy than I invested. There are not many things in life that can do that." Ilse Dippmann, founder and organizer of the ASICS Austrian Women's Run